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Saturday, May 29, 2004

hello!!! havent updated for so long!!! this whole week has been very very borin wif a capital B!! i cant even remember wad i did for mondae and tuesdae....oh my muruga!! no wed we watch JVS MTV (which was quite lame)ppl who could not even sing entered and they were in the top 4!!! huever was the judge must be deaf man...i mean come on lah.... the on thursdae we had to watch the JVS flim festival it was ok lah abit sad....many of them thought i was cryin but i had the flu so tears naturally came rollin down.. (wake up lah ppl!!) then after recess we had the most borin talk in my 14 years of life!! it was on anger management i mean couldnt they have picked a lamer topic to talk on!!!ZZZZzzZZzzzZZZzZZZ i was pratically leaning on yi wen during the talk...then on fridae i had to go on stage to have dialoge session(it was for the lower sec) thank god...when i went on stage i had to take many deep deep breaths...hahaha...then onli did i found out that RTC meant Reflection and Thinking coner and not Red Table Coner..whahahaha...but poor yali...she made a fool out of her self..quite sad come to think of it..hahaha then after that had to clean the class...but i did nth hahah....after that if it could not get any more boring we had this fire drill practice..LAME wif a capital L A M and E!!!! hahahah thank god i did not have tamil calsses on fridae man(yay!!) after school went home changed and followed my sis and her bf to SIM (she is going to study in SIM..so proud of her even if i dont show it) to pay the fees or wadava the went jp.. go libary borrow books so at least got some thing to do durin the holies!!went home and did nth lah...bascically lazed around....then todae had parents meetin my whole family but not my bro came along wif me....so malu u know....the went to tha dance room for the report book..saw yi wen khairi tay yu ting sin hua and nelson...miss chua talked to my mom said all good things bout me...soo happy then mr thomas came and talked to my mommy it was soo bloody strange suddenly he transformed into a very kind soul....or is it that he is going to be the second VP??!? we will never know...hahaha after that my mom dad and sis went GAINT and i was left in school stucked wif my duties serving water and muffins to parents....thane at around 2 or 3+ had to go around the sch to the four waiting rooms to serve the cakes and tea hahaah after that went to the clip shop fifi..(fifi= my best fwern & my sista) then sent her to the bus stop and went home....and thats all for todae.... see ya dun wanna be ya!!

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, May 29, 2004

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

me in the car on the way to send my sis to aus

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, May 19, 2004

today..was the last paper (woohoo!!) which was CME.. met my group outside 3n2 and joy kept yakking away like a parrot..at least a parrot is better..whaahhahah..then went out to the bus-stop and waited for my aunty. i was like a dead person sittin there coz i was soo sleepy (yanwz. then went to the clinic..blah blah blah..went home and stra8 away went to bed..zzZZzzZZzz til 2.30pm..then at 3 got ready to go to tamil class at hkss...and the best part (if u could call it the best part)..was that when i ask one of the t'cher's there to see if my tamil t'cher was inside the stuff room..he said that my t'cher went home already..i was like 'may u rot in hell lah' 'may hkss cathc fire and burn' lah..whahaahah *grins with a evil look on the face* aniwaes the good thing is that i dun have to go for tamil class on fiday!! (yay!!!)

ok end here wanna go see AMI3!! go fantasia(spelled correctly?? hope so haha)

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, May 19, 2004

so..today i woke up at 10 coz it was marking dae in skool..my frendz are in west coast rite now..i could'nt and did not want to go..becoz i think west coast is kinda boring(yanwz)..i am soo bored rite now..i got bored of watchin CSI on AXN and now my sis is watching it and i am on the com.. hahah i know u all must think this is the most boring entry..but too bad...write again later lah.. no noomd lah..whaha..cya

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, May 19, 2004

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