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Monday, May 29, 2006

I HAVE A SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!! As in like the a long wooden grand type of swing... As in like king type swing!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo!!! so that was the surprise!!! lol.. i thought what.. lol..

I'm loving it!!! so next time i wont have to hunt down every playground to find a swing..lol i love swings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sounding like a bimbo*

I love it.. I love my house. I love my room. I love my sofa. I love my bed. I love my GREEN toilet. i love the divider. I love the up and coming bar area. I love my renovated home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamil 'O' Level paper is over as of today!! kinda happy with how i did for my paper..that's all i'm saying..dun wanna jinx it.. That's one load off my shoulder...hehe...

have i told u: I LOVE MY SWING!!! lol

oh my brother is going to play the trumpet for the arrival of the president during national day... but he will only get two tics... i know it's like tooo soon... but if anyone gets tics and have extra can u throw like throw two of it my way?? Thanks... lol

ok i have nothing more to say...

have i told u?

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Monday, May 29, 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Today is a special day.. For today marks the end of Mid-Year.. Not really a 'yay' or 'woohoo' thing this time coz i know i did really badly for this set of papers.. the reason is that i just did not study hard enough and also that i studied the bloody wrong chapter.. well this will only maked me more alert for my perlims..

enough.. talk bout this heart pain only..

Have i told you all that I LOVE my new bed that's going to arrive next week? and also the new couch which colour I chose!!! hehehe

can't wait for the house to be done with.. give it 2 to 3 weeks!! sleepovers for the gals here we come!! my sis says she would bunk in with my bro if i have a sleep over at the same time i have to bunk in if she has a sleepover, which will be like all the time.. lol..*mummy take note of this* lol..

ok ok I'm not making sense... I really think i'm going to be sick.. my temp has been rising slowly.. throat in pain.. think it's ol'Mr.Tonsils saying hi to me again.. lol

ok gtg.. tata
and the cow jumps over the moon...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Thursday, May 18, 2006

Friday, May 12, 2006

Yesterday was just a waste of my time in school.. this was what i did: went to the Multi-purpose room and use the net during food and nutrition, read my storybook and then memorise some phy experiments during english lesson, went for recess, took down some formulas for phy during science lesson, got a worksheet to ' hand in next week' for maths and then listened to my bro's mp3 while i sorted out worksheets for Mrs. Philip during my two free period.

All in that order... Now tell me.. apart from the sci lesson, wasnt my time wasted in school? Yet they say we learn alot by going to school.. lol

talked and craped till 2 plus in the canteen(which was not mat/minah infested, shocker!!)

went home being teased all the way to the bus stop.. lol.. (u bitches, but i love you all the same lol) reached home and bummed all the way.. wacthing drama's after drama's on tele.. finally got to see Gilmore Girls again.. Woohoo!

Renovation Updates:

Toilets in the master room is sooo awesome!! glass screen for the shower area, but i love the kitchen toilet.. simply coz the tiles are all GREEN!! can life get any better? lol..

the rooms are being plaster-ed as we speak.. the wall look and feel oh-so smooth!! paints are already here.. red and orange for my room!! Woosh.. pwetty pwetty room lights are fixed and are so diva-istic!!

front gate i like!! looks grand..

Can't wait for the party!!! *mommy mommy can i have a sleep over* hehe a girl cna wish cant she...

ok thats about all i can say for now... i want to go bed seeing!!!!!!! IKEA, you'll have to wait for me....

take care
study i know you will not..lol lazy bums..
love ya..

the lion goes GRRRR..

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Friday, May 12, 2006

Saturday, May 06, 2006

i see spider webs taking over my blog.. *shoo Mr. Spider*

so what it has been weeks? lots of things happened, wonderful things, not-so wonderful things and just plain bad things....

wonderful thing no.1 i dun have to worry my butt off for my tamil for now.. can concentrate on my other subjects.

wonderful thing no.2 i finally handed in my task analysis for my mid year..

not-so wonderful thing no.1 i did not get to finish editing my task analysis.. which will cost me to loose some marks...

not-so wonderful thing no.2 i cant study in my house, so the bloody table under my block (which is very disgusting and cat-dominated) has become my study table..

just plain bad thing no.1 i can't find chem and phy notebooks!!! like can cry can.. i know i'm not going to do well for my mid year...

just plain bad thing no.2 i feel left out.. not with my friends.. i dunnoe.. maybe its just me..

-------------------------------- change of topic-----------------------------------

where have all the smart people gone? YOU STUPID GIRL.... pantat ber lobang (dunnoe if i spelled it correctly)

let's get the facts right.. I dont like you... if you dont get my countless hints, then you are just dumb.. or blind.. or just plain dense.... Come on women, it's like OH MY GOD!! you are soo bloody annoying.. when I'm talking to someone.. I'm not asking you to give your bloody out-of-the-point opinion.. I'm not interested in which india mama looked at you or whatever.. it's a pity that only india mama's look at you.. and what's up with your skirt.. you think what? you are a cheerleader ar? PUH-LEASE!!! like get over yourself... the whole world does not resolve around you.. I dont trust what you say.. never had and never will.. you sickening piece of shit.... you suck the fun out of everything....

there..... now I feel much better...

ok.. it's raining men.. not really... it's just raining...


Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, May 06, 2006

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