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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Have you ever had that one friend who annoys the SHIT out of you... and all the while not knowing that he/she is that much of an irritant??

the cow goes moooooooo..

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Friday, February 24, 2006

am really really bored.. so all i have if this....

ytd cooked ikan bakar with tyra during f&n practical... we were the only ones who cooked that dish.. the rest had the wonderful task of cleaning the internals of the fish and steam it.. muahahah.. i think everyone was waiting to attack our ikan bakar.. but too bad it was onli ready after they all left.. MUAHAHA.... there were two of them so one ikan bakar we gave to the teachers the other one tyra and me went to one coner and eat.. soooooo yummy.. the sambal... yum yum yum yummy!!! lol.. *dont drool*

ytd was the most boringest (i know there's no such word) day ever.. the onli period were actually did some work was for maths.. that one oso is a bloody test.. sooooo hard..... confirm fail....

then today had pe, chem theory, maths, chem practical.. pe was really fun played netball with the rest... TanJJ was on our team.. kept on bumping into cruz.. he soo annoying always jump infront of me like what la... assman hit my side.. now still pain.. lol...

chem pract was fun.. even thought i was bit scared lah..lol

after school they had dance pract.. but i wont be dancing i'll be handling all the paper work and making sure they have their parctices.. basically i am the co-ordinator.. so today had the first meeting with the fine arts person.. she is ok lah.. but.. haha good luck to them is all that i can say..

then went home,changed and went to meet fifah in sch to go to the gym.. damn lol.. saw viknesh in the gym.. grown tall and all.. lol.. but abit blur lah he...

thats all lah.. life's boring...


Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Friday, February 24, 2006

You'll never feel my pain, You'll never see my tears, You'll never hear my cry.

Did I disappoint you or let you down?
Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?
'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun,
Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.
So I took what's mine by eternal right.
Took your soul out into the night.
It may be over but it won't stop there,
I am here for you if you'd only care.
You touched my heart you touched my soul.
You changed my life and all my goals.
And love is blind and that I knew when,
My heart was blinded by you.
I've kissed your lips and held your head.
Shared your dreams and shared your bed.
I know you well, I know your smell.
I've been addicted to you.

Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.

I am a dreamer but when I wake,
You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.
And as you move on, remember me,
Remember us and all we used to beI've seen you cry,
I've seen you smile.
I've watched you sleeping for a while.
I'd be the father of your child.
I'd spend a lifetime with you.
I know your fears and you know mine.
We've had our doubts but now we're fine,
And I love you, I swear that's true.
I cannot live without you.

Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.

And I still hold your hand in mine.
In mine when I'm asleep.
And I will bear my soul in time,
When I'm kneeling at your feet.

Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.
I'm so hollow, baby, I'm so hollow.
I'm so, I'm so, I'm so hollow.

this song i really like.. its soo real and wow... having mixed feeling bout things.. can we turn time around and go back to when we were babies? we had the easiest life ever.. no rules, no choices, no decisions to make, dont have to experience hurt and rejection.. no pressure to live up to people's expectations...

A carefree life.. thats what we all want, but its a life we can never have.....

the bitch

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Friday, February 24, 2006

Saturday, February 18, 2006

hmm lets see... what happened throughout the week i have nooooo idea.. its a bloody blur...

ok i am blanked out.. ermm ermm.... *rubs head*... errrrr.. err.... lol.. monday had musical practice.. got into main cast.. but i got the willy character.. i think its a boy.. but i can change my name.. so yay.. but we onli got throught the first page of the script.. so fifah and i were just sitting around laughing at everyone else and talking crap.. we were talking soo loud that mdm zainah had to hush us.. oops!

and the rest is a blur.. erm yar...

ok i know this entry is a bit of a retard but yar.. so what.. it's mine..

known to many as The Bitch.. lol.. they know what i'm talking bout..


Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The day: Valentine's day
The time: 9.20
The place: School's MRL room for f&n

lalalala... so bored... can't eat tyra's chocolates.. puls it also looks freaky? oops...
shh... dun tell her....

can't people cry? sometimes i wonder why when we see someone crying we always say this: "why you crying? dont cry ar?" i mean like why? Is it like a standard thing? it just comes out of our mouth in auto mode..

ok i'mjust typing nonsence... coz i'm sitting beside one of the lamest person alive.. kartick...
ok whatever.. he's showing some pics gtg...

bitch to all bitches..

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Monday, February 13, 2006

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps...

You won't admit you love me and so
How am i ever to know?
You always tell me perhaps perhaps perhaps.

A million times I've asked you and then
I ask you over again,
You only answer perhaps perhaps perhaps.

If you can't make your mind up
Then we'll never get it started
And I don't wanna wind up being parted,
So if you really love me, say yes,
but if you don't dear, confess,
But please don't tell me perhaps perhaps perhaps.


saturday was pissy offy.. i dont wanna elaborate....

ever had those times when all you want to do is jut break down and cry.. i'm going through that right this very moment.....

bitch to all bitches...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Monday, February 13, 2006

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey ya'll... four long and wonderful(well to some anyways) days went by.. last friday was really fun... what we all did after school was the best....lol...

ytd was an alright day.. very mundane... *yawns* so yar.. after school went home, rest for awhile, watched a bit of MTV's sweet sixteen, then when to meet fifah at the bus stop and we headed to the jurong gym...this will be done every wed and fri.. coz that's the only two days we dont stay in school till 6!!! so yar...

then today's highlight was the mr ng was on leave!! woohoo!!!! no maths for two perionds!!!! yay to me!! lol.. today oso had dental.. the damn dentist shap my gums then cut throught my gums wahlau damn pain can... when i stip out the contents in my mouth can see bits of gum.. like EEWWWW..... but she never say anything bout braces for my lower set of teeth...

Then today after school when to ENAQ to eat choco prata with joy and tyra well they chose cheese prata lah.. but it was good...... went back ot school and headed for NP open house with the rest of the 5n1 and 5n2 ppl... got lots of goodies over there.. there were many mangamma(indian ah lian or minah) alerts over there.. like every where i turn i could see at least two.. oh and i got free cotton candy!! yums!!!! I simply LOVE cotten candy..(if only i could my the cotton candy machine.. dammit).. dalfarian was being a major diva bitch over there.. lol.. dont mean it in a bad way...

with this 'Mr. NG's expression' picture.. i bid you all farewell...

take care..
still a bitch to all bitches..

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Thursday, February 02, 2006

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