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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT... wahlao... everytime without fail our class sure will have a fight one.. haiz.. whatever the problem is... cant you two let it go... its our last year together.... must we leave with all that hate and anger.... cant we just all make up and leave JVS as one united group... So much better than having to remember JVS and think to yourself " oh i hate that person".....

ok i've said my part.. after this you all can do what you think is right.... whatever......

Today felt very spaced out... won a popular voucher for 10 bucks coz we (joy, seng huat, rinah and me) came in 2nd for the racial harmony race... lol... so after remedial, asrinah and i went to jp's popular and bought all the colour pens we could find... well not really lah.. i bought like five colour pens.. two lecture pads and envelopes..lol... excatly 10 buck on the dot.. woohoo.. I am gooood...lol..

ok gtg.... peace ya'll no war.......

take care my darlings!!

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just here to dust off the spider webs... hehe.. I know its been long..lol so stop rubbing it in..

musical is over.. it's the post musical effect... i cant get over it.. i'm going to miss every mon at 3.30.. i wont have anything to do at 3.30 on mondays anymore!!!!!!!!!! i want to play with my sowrd!! i want to joke around with G!! All the cast members!! I MISH YOU GUYS!!!!!!! can we hit the 'stop' button press 'rewind' and 'play' it all over again... thank god i did not cry.. i was thinking."suji make-up suji dont spoil it." lol

My family bought flowers for me.. Three blue roses.... Are they sweet or are they sweet... awwwww.... *big slossy kisses for all of them* lol.. i love u guys.. and do you know that this is the frisrt time they are actually seeing me perform for the school...

tooks lots of pics.. but the blooger is just being jealous coz it did not get any flowers.. lol.. a

after that we took a bus to city hall mrt... waited for dumbo mun how and then took the mrt...

The MRT ride was soooo nice.. lol.. reached je at 12.50ish... went to mac waited a while more for the guys to play pool... took a cab to the 7 11 near my house with xioa yiwen, ling ling and joy.. bought a tub cookies and cream ice cream for joy and myself... went to my house... both of us bath and felt clean and fresh.. went to my room so called 'blast' the speaker.. A tub of ice cream, 2 ice cream spoons, 1 air conditioned room and 2 girls.... talked and ate, talked and ate... till 3 am!!! Both of us slept like a baby till 2 this afternoon... freshen up... ate yummy prata and watched MTV... Both happy and tummy filled up... sent joy home in a cab and i'm here doing this..

now i'm going off...
tata my dralings... you know you love me...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, July 22, 2006

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