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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Point blank: I think i'm mood swing-y at the moment... so dont say anything to make me pissed..

NOTE: Just to help you out a bit. Here's a tip... GET A FREAKIN LIFE OF YOUR OWN!!!

*You never thought of anyone else, you just saw your pain* The song's stuck in my head.. everytime i feel like crying i listen to that song.... *because of you I am afraid*

May I add that today's school hour was dead boring.... but was high on chocolate so it wasnt sooo bad...

I've got this problem: I've got sooo freakin' much to talk about, but this is niether the time nor place to vent it all out.. so I've got to do what i dop best and not say anything at all.. life's an ass.... thats all... fullstop..


I hate this soo much.. can you people stop being sooo naive and wake up to reality. stop dreaming of things that you know will never happen and just grow up will you!!!! hate it when i hear people wishing for the impossible.. its like, I know and You know that it will never happen as long as we live.. so stop complaining and pestering me bout all this.. you people are sucking all the fun in my life out..STOP IT!!!!!!!!

life's an ass...
bitch to all bitches

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Thursday, January 26, 2006

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Here i am after a damn good massage from my maid and a long due beauty sleep.. lol.. i slept til 1pm mind you.. lol Note: dont you dare tell me you never slept till 1 before coz i knoe you have.. so dont give that shocked look.. i'll smack your ass!!!

Forgot to mention about yesterday's P.E lesson.. lol yesterday was the FIRST time in 11 years of me schooling did I ever do high jump.. and it was fun but I made a fool of myslef lah.. coz I stopped to turn before i jump.. lol ....

after school (ytd), eng, teo, ahseng, den, yl, joy, rinah, jiali, eug and me went to jp to buy stuff for the classroom took sooo bloody long... then went back decorated my table which is full of neo's.. then went to je lib with yl, joy and rinah to meet fifah and ida...

first just flipped through some mags.. then joy and i went abit looney, coz we were abit bored so we made the glass flooring our runway and we did the different walks from ANTP.. lol we did bre's, nick's and kim's walks for fifa to cheer her up.. and it worked....

after that we played the number game, got my hand bitten alot of time.. very red i tell u.. then we played another mind game which was quite confusing at first but manage to get the hang of it.. but poor poor joy.. lol..

take care
a bitch to all bitches

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, January 21, 2006

Friday, January 20, 2006

Have you ever had a feeling of being brain dead.. like you know things are happening around you but you just cant think bout what you have to do? feeling really lethargic this week.. its like my whole body is moving in slow motion.. All the DRAMA around me is just making me even more depressed..

NOTE: Leave Me Alone.. i cant stand being around you anymore, you act like a complete bitch, like a pest that just won't die no matter how much you hit it with a book, like you think you are all that, you tell people things bout stuff that you have never done before just to make you seem all that, you are a POSER, you've got no originality, you lack a personal identity, you copy whatever i do, wear and say and i've just had enough...

well now that that's off my chest.. i think its time to say bye bye to my dear tonsils... soon soon.. you will be out of my life for good.. i wont have to suffer anymore pain from you.. i wont have to cry coz of you.. good bye my tonsils...

haha just a random pic.. taken when i went to night safari with my uncle's family.. the two rihno's are after me.. HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!! *screams like the heroins in the olden tamil movies* lol...

ok till here then
have a nice weekend.. it's a worthwhile break for all of us..
take care

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Friday, January 20, 2006

Saturday, January 14, 2006

this week's gone by with a blur.... all i know is that i am really freaking tired!!!!!!!!!!

like my whole body is in pain and really stiff..
i really need a good full-body massage..*puppydog eyes*

Tons of homework, Bloody bloody remidial, damn choir practice and shitty tamil classes.. thats all i remember... but thats the price to pay.. it was my choice to go up to sec 5... and i'm happy to have done so...

Lately, I've been noticing many changes in many different people.. some for the good, some are just scary and some just plain annoying.. most of them more to the annoying and scary side...

just feel like telling them off but dont wanna hurt their feelings... so have been giving them obvious hints that i am just not borthered bout what that person is saying, even then the message just wont go through their brainless heads.. like just get a life and stop messing up mine... leave me alone *makes the cross fingers to get rid of u*

went to the exhibition at orchard just know with bodoh and blur, they were really enriching, the pictures i mean... so full of emotions, so detailed, complicated yet easy to understand, so full of life... just regretted not bringing my digi cam along.. dammit.. anyway went rounding after that for a while.. went to taka to find the ring.. really nice i tell you... and sooo cheap!!!!!!! might go on wed to buy it...

but now my feets are freaking pain.. anyone welcomed to massage them.. lol..

ever felt like something was so near you could feel it but yet that thing is oh so far... i do and it sucks....

take care

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today was just a dull dull day... Yawn...

voice is still the same... onli now i sound more gay then manly.. lol... real mean bitches.. that joy and yi wen.. arseholes... lol....

wait lah my turn will come ot jack you all back... made yummy egg sandwiches for fnn.. with maya bolied eggs and letuce.. that was my breakfast and recess.. lol...

*finger on chin* what came next... oh yar it was recess.. crap-ed so much i turned red.. ok thats soooooo lame i get it.. juat laugh to make me happy lah you all.. lol.. then we had 2 free periods... went to the lib.. had a freaking hard time teaching kartick maths.. these 2 weeks i have been teaching him maths.. pure torture lol.. maybe i should strat charging him.. hahaahah.. what do you thing....??

had maths which was ok but not to sure how to do my homework now.. (((((help))))))

went to the com lab for our life skills.. found out i have high self esteem and that i was romatic dreamy and sensitive... lol.... and that my stress level is steady... but i am not that balanced in life.. lol.. oops!!

anyhoo.. we all met ivan after school.. even though he looks abit diff he's still the same old historian i knew... i became a grandma today!!! fiza is my daughter, kartick is my son-in-law, sharmin(this sec 1 girl who is so us) is my grand- daughter and tyra is my sister which makes her fiza's aunty.. lol..... ok this is pretty lame but hey its fun... ok so let me be.....

tomm is the fisrt indian dance practice.. although i can't dance i'm just going to help kartick teach then the steps.. but hopefully i can dance for the musical.. maybe if not with the indian dance, but as the mordern dancers.. fifah they all going to audition with me.. yay!!!!!!!!!

ok got to go..

take care

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

so basically this whole week sucked.. and its only the middle of the week!! *2 more days sujitha. 2 more days to the weekend*

As u all know friday i took MC coz my tonsils inflamed.. so monday went to school normally.. every knew i was sick from the first look.. said i looked pale and stuff...then tuesday was like a hollie rite..so when i woke up on tues morn.. wanted to say good morning to my sis.. i cannot la.. lost my voice compeletly.... could not talk a whole sentence without missing soem words.. sis said i sounded like a seal... somemore soooo bloody painful....

*i go eat my dinner first* lol 8.26pm

ok i am back.. 8.37pm.. i take 11mins to eat.. thats quite fast.. little bit onli mah heehee...

ok so where was i.. oh ok soo bloody painful.. yar.. so with that pain i still went to IMM with my family... i was in pain but dun wanna tell anyone lah.. sis was being a health freak...

mom bought me the mintue maid lemonlade to 'make my throat better' then she bought this ginseng thingy for me.. they said it had cod oil in it or whatever but it just tasted like normal chestnut water...

had to find for my bro his army torchlight thingy.. so went to the army shop in westmall... felt like puking all the way home.. then when reach my house the carpark could not take the pain anymore just started crying in the middle of the pathway..lol...

hey painful ok... from my shoulders all the way up..

anyway today came to school and everyone was like laughing at me..
soooo mean ppl.... kept on doing the donkey voice lol.. type soo much just now.. then now no mood already..

take care..

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Friday, January 06, 2006

Why did'nt i get rid of you when i had the chance? Why was i so scared to let you go? Now I'm the one who has to suffer the pain..... If you thought this was directed to any guy... you are WRONG!! its my damn tonsils.....(just wanted to scare you people for a while.. heehee..)

so anyway.. there goes one of my new year resolutions... doing the school year without any absent marks.. dammit... my tonsils are giving me problems again.. they enlarged again.. oh-so-painful i tell you... drowing down porridge after porridge today.. feeling yuck-ish.. i sound really stupid.. feeling stupid too.. (like huh? uh uh... duh.. wha?) hurhur....

missed the campfire.. damn.. miss my fnn lessons.... dammit!!!!!!!

ok whatever.. everyones very distant... or maybe it's just me..

take care

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Friday, January 06, 2006

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