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Sunday, November 27, 2005

weeks passed by.... the sister has gone to aussie... AND I HAVE THE BED ALL TO MYSELF!!! lol... i dont get to hear her sing the freaking DON CHA song for two whole weeks.... lol....

have been going out practically everyday... long MRT rides to orchard and bugis.. the confessions made on the ride to the place... all the gossip... pure bliss.... then going to the place for shopping shopping and more shopping... heavenly!!

spending lots of time with fifah and idah... super fun babes.. cant wait for the bake fest tomm..

the show koffee with karen is pretty funny.. psst... this is only if you have star world.. its every sunday at 9pm...

oh! oh! oh! i turned 16 on saturday!!!! lol...... so Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!! hahaah (that was just soo lame)

ok ok.. this is all just random...
ps: thanks to all my darlings who wished me!!! you all made my day!!! i love you all to bits! and i miss you all!!!!!

take care.. have fun while you can people!!!! coz the results are coming out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Just some random stuff.....

it's weird but i kinda miss school.. not the school itself but the people there...

i miss Afifah.
i miss Asrinah.
i miss Tyra.
i miss Fiza.
i miss Simi.
i miss Cruz.
i miss Burr.
i miss Idah.
i miss Zarinna.
i miss Spidy.
i miss Sha sha.
i miss Yi wen.
i miss Pris.
i miss Ivy.
i miss Khairi.
i miss Shul.
i miss Mr asta.
i miss Mrs philip.
i miss Mrs krishnan.
i miss Mrs alfred.
i miss Miss chua.
i miss Mdm suhaili.
i miss Mdm nuraidah.
i miss my table by the wall..lol
i miss the mac-like table outside the canteen where the sappi's used to sit everyday during recess.
i miss the place where we use to wait for fiza to come down from class.
i miss the music room where choir practice was held.
i miss the dance room where the indian dancers used to play around and practice.
i miss everyone and everything bout school..lol..

ok i am going nuts here...

sis leaving for aussie on the 17th Nov and onli coming back on the 3rd of Dec.. bro leaving for NS on the 2nd dec.... all leaving... it's going to be dull at home... even though i don't really tell this much.. i sure will miss my bro when he leaves.........

take care...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vanakam! so yesterday was Deepavali.. and i tell you it was the worst most boring one ever! And I mean EVER!! like less than 10 people came... lol coz most of them will be coming on the 12 (open house..)

the only good thing was i could finally get to see Chandramuki (this tamil movie the burr,cruz and tyra always teased me for coz i have not watched it) till yesterday... lol.. all in all it was an intresting movie.. but abit too much fake stuff..like what was up with the knief spinning round and round in thon air on its own.. (this was the last part..) the ending was also quite dump... but jo's acting was superb!

did not take any pictures yesterday.. but will do on the 12 so stay tuned....

but i did promise that i would put up pics of the grad nite so here....

Our table.. but got one extra: hakim...lol..

me and my trying hard to act cool/bitching partner/mohamad sappi/cheena sappi:shabir..

the gang with a missing link kartick..
Standing: shabir, frankie, spidy and ivan
Sitting: tyra and yours truly..

ok so we took pics at the badminton court.. buuut.. that was not enough... we went to macs and took more!!!! muahahaha shabir, kartick and me took turns kissing ronald macdonal.. *kiss kiss*

me and the 'hot' spidy.. the quite guy who sat behind me throughout the year.. the maths whiz... the guy whom jokes in his own way...

ok with this i wish all hindus a HAPPY DEEPAVALI and all the muslims a SELAMAT HARI RAYA!
take care...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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