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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Emotional breakdown: Such a shitty feeling..

*prepare for the water works of sujitha...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bangkok soo rocked! Just the four of us. Joanne, Jason, Sis and me! 3 roses and a torn. Haha.. Felt abit uneasy going to another country with them at first (note: 7-8 years of age diff), but that all faded away the moment I reached the airport.

This whole holiday was soooo fun la.. The best shopping spree, the best food, the best body massages: all with the best company, who can complain you tell me. Can we do this every year? *looks at daddy and mommy with puppy dog eyes*

Yummy-licious carrot cake served by yucky Swiss ariways.

Breakfast the next day was ooo lala.. But we got sick of it after 4 days. Joanne and me.

At chatuchak market! Bargain hunters galore!! Loving my new aviators!

At Mambo. The 'women' in the poster are men for your information. HUR HUR! We went to an aqua show! I'm trying to pose like 'it' but cannot make it lah.. lol. They were soo pretty lah. So depressing for us. their body, hair, make-up and their clothes... but I know, You know they are all FAKE. That's how we made ourselves feel better. The show was so funny!

Inside the mambo theater.. I like this pic of us..

Joanne and Jason. They were soo cute, dancing along the pathway. Passer-bys were giving that 'Awww' smile.

From this collage we can conclude that Jason loves to take pics too.. He is worst than my sis! lol Pose here pose there.. lol.. what to do, if you cant beat them join them rite.

The stuffs that we bought from bangkok covered the whole bed, and this is not everything, There was more on the floor. Huge-ass shopping spree or what!! All the things we bought from MBK and chatuchak. I love the way the thais say madam. Like this: Mah-daam. heehee.

ACCESSORIES!!! A earring for less than a dollar! Like my sis says ' Dont buy, stupid ar!' lol. we counted and found out we bought 27 accessories!

The last day, before heading to the airport. At the hotel lobby. I love the hotel lobby, very old-school english like.

Sis factor.


With this pic I'll end this entry. I feel the same way as my sis. We really did get to bond with each other through this holiday. We never got to be open with one another at home.

Till the next entry.. And I know, I still have the Hongkong trip to blog about.. It may take some time okay..

Hugs and Loves. Take care!

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, December 16, 2006

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