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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The very very very very loooooong awaited photos!!!! Okay to satisfy your eyes.. There are 46 pics all together.. Yes... I counted.. This took me very long to do ok.. my butt hurts.. i started at 3. 45 pm and it's 5.50 pm now.. So yar.. enjoy!!! I'll have more pics when I come back from hongkong kays?!?

JVS Grad Nite 2006

All dolled up thanks to my sis. Retro fever. Was waiting from Den and Ling to come to my house.

My darling and me. Runner-up Miss JVS.Ling Ling and me. Her simle is sooo cute lah.. lol

Miss Kahlidah and me. I just love her to bits. My MINAH!! lol

My sister from another mother.. From week 2 of Sec 1 till now.. I love you fifah.

Asrinah and me. 5 years in the same class. We have been sitting beside each other for all of thoes years.

Mr. JVS and me. Will we have an N5 comeback next year pin?

She stole my colour - green!! lol Dama-mama and me!!

The mother and her daughter. I never knew my daughter would be older then me. lol Joyful Joy

She is the japanese-doll. We have a fetish for nails!! Val and me

She is adorably cute!! Although she can be freaky at times. Miss Teo Yiwen.

Miss ah-go-go and miss retro. Ivy lim su fang!!!!

This maple and prison break freak is zarinna. The humpty dumpty of our group!!

The best Science teacher any student could have. She made me have fun with science.

Table 24! We were by far the noisiest table that day!!! And we loved it!

Miss fiza and me. I want your hairband!! (what went wrong?)

Her top and my dress were of the same colour!! lol Si Ling and mua..

My junior.. My pet name for her: Chucky!

We had fun killing each other during the musical. Greed and Envy. Me and Ester. My junior.

Me, Miss JVS-eevin and fifah. Eevin is sooo cute.. just like a hamster.. lol

Ling ling, shi jie, me and asrinah.

One of the many shots of the after-party.

I really LOVE this picture!! We are good girls, we dont drink. the bottle are Ice leamon tea and snapple!!

What can i say. The lips people! Just look at the lips! Kissy kissy!


Early in the morning+ Saris+ lack of sleep= Two very uncomfortable sisters.

Bollywood anyone? I love my swing!!!!! I love my hair!! I love my Sari! I'm one happy girl!

Hehe.. I kinda like this pic.. Now, I'm not crooked ok. You can say I love my sis.. Abit too much?

Okay lah I went back to my nice side and took a nice pic with the sister.. lol

Okay okay, I admit, I am a cam whore.. but I learned from the best *looks over to my sis* lol

The pandis' nicely eating without me.. lol My darls who came visiting!

Like hello?!? Excuse me?!? It's suppose to be a candid shot ar people. You were not suppose to pose for the camera.. And denise, It's rude to dig your nose in public.. lol.. just kidding..

Ah-lian's Act cute pose.

Formal pic of the nite. We had loads of fun. They even wanted me to go down and play BB with them.. IN A SARI!! NUTS!!!

Hard work put in to do this.. Done by sis and bro. Helped by me!! hehe

Last O'level paper!

Formal: The 12 of us. Always together.

Informal: The 11 of us. dama-mama took the pic!

Yippee!!! No more EXAMS!!!! GOODBYE JVS!!!!

Okay, I'm NOT teaching fifah a indian dance move ok.......

... I was, however, teaching her how to pose for this pic!! lol.. Three gals you will see in Hongkong in 2 days!!

Okay... Both you and I know what this picture looks like.. But the ball is NOT about to hit my boob.. OKAY!! It just happen to fly pass and it sooo happened to be in that area...

Me. All smiles.. No more exams and teachers for another 3 months or so.. I'm soo loving it!

Pictures taken in class

5N2 gals.. well... those who showed up anyways.. lol

5N2 most wanted! Sorry guys, no reward given if found.. Nini and I just had our hair rebonded!! hehe.....

We LOVE our Maths and Science teacher.. From left to right: Mdm Pek, Miss Wong, Mr Ng!

We had a very fulfiling cam-whoring session!! I was trying to kill tyra, but, sadly i failed.. hurhur

Suji,Rin,Nini.. Always be known as the 'Gloss Babes'

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

here's a survey from yong ting that i gotta do...

*1. are you a chinese or english freako?

@ I an english person. thank you very much.

*2. if time is going to stop, what will you possibly do during that time?

@ well, wouldnt i freeze in a sopt if time were to stop?

*3. prefer to play pool or the playground?

@ cant play pool for nuts, so I'd rather play in a playground which has a swing! and which has sand and not that rubber-y thing. its hard to find playgrounds of that sort nowadays huh?!?

*4. do you usually gossip on others; being gossip?

@ I gossip.. well who doesnt love a good gossip? lol..As for being the gossip, i have no comment.

*5. do you like simple or complicated stuff?

@ I like simple things. Give me a good book and a cup of milo and I'm a happy person!

*6. do you tackle numbers or alphabets better?

@ Okay.. My spelling sucks like badly.. I'd say I'm better with numbers then spelling stuff.. but strangely, I'm better in my English than Maths. *sigh*

*7. what makes u pissed off?

@ Good question. I get pissed off when anyone calls me on the hp when I'm sleeping. When people are not straight-to-the-point with me. When people copy who I do stuff. So you have been warned.

*8. how's your childhood?

@ So far my childhood have been filled with loads of cartoon watching, crying, laughing and good memories.

*9. do you have inspiration without perspiration?

@ I dont answer questions which makes no sense at all...

*10. do you think 24 hours is too short, too long or just nice?

@ It's too long when you are in school. It's too short if you are having you holidays and have tons of homework to pass up the next day.

*11. would you judge a people by their appearance?

@ Everyone judges a person by their appearance no matter what sub-conciously. After that, judge a person by their attitude and their actions.

*12. what is attractive in your eyes?

@ In my eyes, a simple smile can be attractive.

*13. do you like the day or night? explain why.

@ I like both day and night. Day: i get to go out and hang out with my darlings. Night: i love star-gazing..

*14. do you treasure stuff that you own, or you have insatiable desires?

@ Let's put it this way. When i bought my MP3, within the first day, there were multiple scratch marks.

*15. if your computer just hanged up, with a long document that is not being saved; how would you react?

@ I tell u... I will cry lah.. then I will ask my bro to fix it for me..

*16. do you believe in miracles? or was it longed predestined?

@ i would like to belive that it is all predestined.

*17. do you often forget about the past or trying hard to do so?

@ I have short term memory, so i might forget sometimes.. but i do not force myself to forget them..

*18. in your mind, why are colours out here?

@ Again, I do not answer questions that make no sense..

*19. have you ever pity those who are real pitiful; and shed tears for them?

@ I have.. and i will whenever i watch Opera. damn that women and her talkshow.. lol

*20.describe yourself in terms of your attitude.."

@ Well I have a ' Dont try to bitch with me' attitude when I'm serious.

*21. do you suddenly lose grasp of hope to survive as yet?

@ I do have my moments when I'm emotionally drained, but i pick myself up and carry on.

*22. give 3 advantages when you get to live.

@ I get to be loved and pampered by my loved ones. I get to shop. I get to experience the things that are awaiting me.

*23. what is your ambition in life?

@ I reaaallllly want to become a Food And Nutrition teacher. And to make my parents dreams into a reality.

*24. do you believe in horoscope?

@ I read them just for the kick of it..

*25. describe the music in your life.

@ What can i say.. I feel the need to dance whenever i hear music.

*26. which country would you like to go to when you can afford it?

@ I'd like to go to Rome.. And I have no idea why..lol

*27. what do you think blogging is about?

@ It's some sort of terapy, where we can trash out everything we want. It's like a online pair of ears. lol.. does that make sense? lol

*28. what kind of style are you trying to get hold off?

@ I am my own style, but I'm having the retro fever at the moment.. lol

*29. when you failed a test, how will you react?

@ I will be depressed.. like you wont go around saying "YAY I FAILED MY TEST!! WOOHOO' rite..

*30. pass this to 8 friends for them to get it done..

Aiya.. anyone who is bored and stuck at home just do this lah.. It kills time anyhoo...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

1 more paper to go, and that's it. Goodbye Jurongville Secondary School. If you're thinking that I'm going to complain about my paper, well, I'm not. Because what's done is done. No point thinking about things that cannot be un-done.

Let us all now reflect on our pass 4/5 years in this place we call our alma mater. We came into this place all terrified and sad that we left our closest friends in primary school. Some of us came into this school without any friends from primary school, some lucky ones saw faces they knew and sticked to them so that they wont be alone.

We were geeky then, some still are, after all these years, some transformed totally. But all of us have learn valuable lessons, both studies-wise and social-wise. We played really dumb bonding games which helped us make new friends. We didn't know then that those dumb games would have us create such wonderful and valuable friendships with people who would be our support system for the years to come.

We made fun of the elderly teachers who were our Class Mentors and the way they spoke. In sec 1, some of us still played 'Catching' during recess and stopped only when we found out that none of the others were playing anymore. In my case, we still play 'Catching', but that's only when no-one else was in school.

We went for swimming lessons in Sec 2. Although I did not join them I heard it was real fun with free bubble tea after practice by our Class Mentor. We had to do CME projects which was going to be graded in our Report Books.

In sec 3, we went for our Adventure camp. We had cute instructors. We played in mud. We got freaked out by all the ghost stories we heard the next day. We made everyone sign our camp tee when we came back to school.

Sec 4 came and went. We had to go to various Poly Open Houses and got freebies. We were preparing for our 'N' levels. We got lectured at because we were not doing what was expected of us. We slacked, we worked, we did our 'N' levels. We went for the very first Grad nite helb by our school. It was in out school hall, sadly. Got back our results. Some sad to see their friends who did not make it, and start to worry if they would get to go up to Sec 5. We did, and a whole new year began.

Sec 5. Two classes. Side by side. Both classes were very united. At least that was how I felt. We had our differences. But we did have our share of wonderful moments. We took part in our school's musical and found a new passion: Acting. Teacher's Day came. The sec 5's came together and put up a kick-ass dance for our teachers. We learnt alot about one another during all thoses practices. We got to see the real side of them. N5 was born. We rocked the stage! We did our prelims only to get back low marks. We when for our last Grad nite in Secondary School. This time it was a blast. Everyone all dolled up and well groomed. We went on to take our 'O's and now only 1 paper is left resticting us to stay at home to study one last time for another 3 months.

We do not know if we will be able to stay in contact with all our friends in Jurongville. But I say take all the good memories of your stay in Jurongville and leave all the bad ones behind and never look back. For you will have to go through all of this again once we move on to the next stage in our life.

And with this, I wish all of you the very best. Take a moment to reflect on your years n Jurongville. I know you will never forget all the experience you had. To all those who have known me, I realy hope we stay in touch. You have played a part in the memories which I will bring along with me.

Take care

PS: I sound very dramatic. I know. But hey I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Friday, November 17, 2006

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