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Monday, June 28, 2004

ok ok today was the start of school..some of u might think i hate going back to school ( BOOO!!) u r wrong my friend...i dunnoe know why but i actually miss my green school..hmm..maybe..it is because in school i will know waht i will be going to do next..(its called a time-table ppl!!)but durin the holies it was like 'so wad do i do now?' kinda feelin..i juz wont know wad to do and would juz rot on the couch readin a book..

denise and asrinah wanted to meet me at 6.50 today and being the gundu that i am thought that i had morning duty and oso agreed to meet them..
(person check!= denise the ah ma is this crazy gal who was in my class in year 1 and 2 now she in 3N2 oso very the cute and like blur blur one haha...
asrinah the mad gerl..sits beside me in class..my bullying target..haha in my class in year 1, 2 and now year 3..always like to laugh here and there..)
i was so worried that i would be late that i asked my dad to wake me up way earlier..i set my alarm at 5.30 thinking that my dad would forget...

BUT U KNOW WAD!!??! he called me up at 5.20!!!! i was like wad?? y so early?? then i told myself nvm lah..if i go to sleep again i sure wont wake up one...so i played safe and dragged my half dead body into the bathroom .. and i could not belive it i was up and ready by 5.30!! hahah and that was the time denise was waking up..hahaha

then i waited for them at the bus stop at 6.40... and the two pandi's onli came at 7..i was like wth..u ppl kept nagging at me tellin me not to be late and that they wont wait for we if i am late...and they themself come late...whakaka

aniway today there wasnt any studying coz it was the first day..<> then i had choir til 5.30 sang when u belive for YOUTH DAY CONCERT which is on wed for lower sec and thur for upper sec and the talent time will be on friday..i wanna see the npcc gerls daning the song 'Yeah' by usher!!! i saw them pract but that was onli abit..but it was still nice..

stepping away from the keyboard now..
see ya dun wanna be ya..

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Monday, June 28, 2004

Thursday, June 24, 2004

hmm...now that i think of it.. i always want things( who would'nt rite?!?) but i either have no heart to buy them or i dun have the guts to tell my mom that i want the stuff..

no heart to buy them coz lets face it ( i look good from the hip up... but from the hip down...well lets not go there..haha)i dun know where i inherit my bums (which is huge haha..) from (i think it is from my grandma)so i know that it wont look good on me so y even buy rite? but like very sayang like tat..its like u really want it but u already know u cant have it.. type of feeling..never the mind... anyway its not like i have the ching ching's rite? i know i know i will stop my self- pity here..

anyway i dun mind if u wanna help me by donatin $$ to the "suji need money fund!!"

For $50 press 1.. For $100 press 2 For $150 and above press 3...haha

see ya dun wanna be ya..

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Thursday, June 24, 2004

Monday, June 14, 2004

watched harry potter ytd!! soooo nice....RON (dun really know his real name...) was soo handsome..(wit his long hair and all) hahhaha...

i am not a very huge fan of harry potter ( not like those who read the books over and over and over again..like there is goin to be a test on it or something) hahaa....but i like to watch the movie...cos i am more of a visual person..(learn that in a workshop in school called 'what type of person are u' or something like tat lah) my sis thought it was draggy...but to me it was alrite....found it quite short actually...juz can't wait for the next movie..

opps i am late.. got to go meet my frewns.. ['_'}

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Monday, June 14, 2004

Sunday, June 06, 2004

why do ppl juz love to talk behind other ppl's back? to me it is just a cowards' way out of really confrontin the person. y can't they juz tell the person str8 forward? isn't it more better that way? if you are not happy wif me juz say so...if i feel that it is reasonable i might understand if not i won't give a dame bout it...here was wad happen: me and my friends went to orchard the other dae and 2 days later we had choir.. i really did not enjoy the outing to orchard coz we really did not do anything..we had to follow where ever she wanted to go...and no one said anything but follow her...so i got angry and showed my 'angry' face..and to tell u the truth i dun really get very angry wif my friends...i juz could not handle it..she had to leave early and the rest of us wanted to get rid of her and actually get to enjoy the rest of the time..she was soo bloody stubborn she was like telling my friend "u actually want me to go on the bus all by myself? u want me to go home all alone?". i was like get the picture lah..WE DUN WANT U TO BE HERE WE SERIOUSLY HATE UR GUTS!! i was really gettin irritated by her stoopid face and freakin voice i jus shouted "hurry up can?!!dun waste our time lah!!!!" then she went home...then on the day of the choir i did not go coz i had fever rite? the shit of a person sae to my friends " wah that dae went out had fun then todae cannot come to choir izzit?" wahlao i tell u i felt like smaking her face man..it was not like i paryed soo hard to get the fever wad it juz came...wad am i suppose to do? if u are not happy wif me have the guts to tell me face to face u coward..dun go around tellin ppl so that they have to tell me...it juz makes me hate u more..i tell u the hate-o-meter for u is reachin 100% soon...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Sunday, June 06, 2004

Friday, June 04, 2004

this week was a blur.. let me recall back...(looks up thoughtfully)..oh yar on monday i actually had no mood for choir which was @ 2 pm! and i did not feel like going (whahahah) then suddenly after a while i began to and fever not onli me but my mom and sis too..(freaky rite but good thing is that i duid not have to go for choir) hahah then feel both cold and hot at the same time..then at nite eat panadol then ok ready hahaha i was like..my firends are never goin to belive tat i had fever...haha then on tuesday wad did i do ar? i forgot!!oh man...lets get on to wed..it was quite fun lah..we went to sentosa..we meaning my family lah...my mom made all the food and we were set..i tell u lah it was reaaly like a picnic u know wif the beach chair, the ice box, the radio....hahah so fun..too bad i could not swim..so i took alot of pic of my family swimming.. but i hurt myself when i tried to climb the rock and so did my gundu sis...she started climbinthe rock then (splash!!) she fell and her butt landed on the rock (OUCH!!!) hahaha poor her (sory i juz cant help luaghing)haahha..then ytd we went to ikea..bought some things for mine and my sis upcomin room..we bought this groovy mirror wif red,pink,and orange square shaped thingys around it..so nice....then todae went to choir and did almost nth juz sing the songs over and over again...hmmmmm..... pls let me have a more exciting time next week !!!(prays to muruga!!!)hahaha.....

see ya dun wanna be ya....

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Friday, June 04, 2004

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