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Thursday, August 24, 2006

I just realized that in JVS most of the 'friedships' you have are probably fake.. i have encountered many in my 5 years here.... And after my O levels i just wanna say bye bye to themfor good!! These are the type of people who are there, at that particular point of time, just to be there... They dont make u difference in your life.. just make it more difficult.. *shakes head*

First of all, who gave you the permission to read our stuff? Why are you soo K-po... omg.. keep your eyes and hands to yourself can.. You are not that great yourself... Who knows what you have said about me... So dont go around telling everyone how I dont respect friendship.. take a minute to reflect on what you did all these while.. You're not soo great either.. So dont go aroud cursing me.. You really suck you know that... I'm soo pissed off i thijnk i'm going to cry.. even though you are not worth a drop of my tear....

skrew you man... You be back crying before you even know what hit you.. I hate you and you know it.. so stop all the fake sweetness.. i dont want to be linked to you anymore...

Cant wait for my O's.....
after that its bye bye you bitch...

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear sis!!

ok ok.. lets get down to business.. If YOU have something to say just come and say it to my face.. Have I not made it clear that i dont like people to talk behind my back.. Or are u too dumb to understand simple english? Me no liking U talking behind my backing....... u understanding now??? argh...

please have the bloody guts to come and talk to me face to face lah...

pissed off u know.. all the nice nice words all wanna come out... bleuk!!!!!!

eeeeeeyer... i very pissed... i feel like SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's now 10.14 pm...I'm tired, my body is aching, my bed is calling my name and yet I'm here... Why? You may ask.... Because my dear Eng Yiwen tagged me saying that i have to do this survey.. And i kinda like doing surveys so yeah.. here I am..lol
Here goes nothing...

1) do the following wifout complaining..
2) choose 5 ppl to do after u've complete urs..
3) leave a tag on the person's tagboard saying he/she has been tagged..
4) start the post wif "i've been tagged by..." and do the following.

-colour:Anyone who knows me knows I go crazy over anything GREEN!! after that it's hot pink black brown and white.
food: Anything that is tuna. Be it canned tuna, tuna bun, tuna on bread or fried tuna!! yummy.. now craving for tuna quiche.. I'm making it on friday *It's mine.. ALL MINE*
song:Can't fight the moonlight(cayote ugly)
sports: badminton and netball.. i like shooting
day: Fridays.. coz that means i can sleep till the cows comes running home the next day!! woohoo..
season: In singapore we have summer all year round. but i like spring.. soo full of life and beauty
ice-cream: cookies and cream or rocky road

-mood: half dead, tired but still alert... weird i know..
taste: this biscuit i used to buy in primary shc during recess.. four biscuits in a packet for 10cents.. my mom bought some from a shop..
clothes: my oh-so-comfy boxers and my sis Nee Ann Poly pe tee.. lol
desktop: some sony backdrop thingy lah.. like lazy to change onli..
annoyance: the fan.. its blowing my hair into my eyes..

-bez fren: jean in nursery
crush: probably some kids show host..lol
movie: i dunnoe.. the furthest i can remember was watching the spice girls movie with my sis and her friend
lie: i guess it would be when i lied that i did not pee in my dipers when i was a baby..lol
music: mommy's lullaby

-cigarettes: have'nt u heard smoking is bad for health.. *stares at SOMEONE who is sleep right now*
drink: plain water when i took my pills
ride: the 334 bus ride home
movie: watched the white chicks vcd again *you said it..But you were thinking it 'giggle giggle'*
CD: some cd's that me sis burned a long time ago lah

-dated one of ur best fren: nope.. if i did, i would have to be a lesbian..lol
been arrested: Nope.. I'm a goodie goodie
been on tv: yup.. as the audience.. they always like to zoom on my face.lol
kiss a stranger: lol.. nope.. they might just call the mental hospital...

-went to school, leaned how to do tangent from a graph, phy practical, and collected money

-the fan, CSI on tele my bro is watching, sis talking on the phone and the keyboard typing away.


Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ok.. Tell me now.. What is up with girls and them acting cute? It's been going around for sometime but now it's getting outrageous..

I mean come on... If you are cute by nature, go ahead and be cute.. I'm not talking about you lot... I'm talking about girls who are not cute by all means and they know that they are not cute.. But STILL insist on acting like they are all cute and bubblegum pop.... ARGHH... Those are the kind i just cannot stand....

symptoms of girls who act cute:
1) Suddenly you see them trying out the new lingo
2) They laugh like their life depends on it (and the thing is none of the others dont find it funny)
3) They use their newly discovered high pitch bimbo voice all the time
4) They try to be all 'gaga' when there is a boy alert
5) When she goes ' like can u' ' like... pls like.. ermm..like' and she starts to twirl her hair
6) When she thinks all the guys are 'gaga' over her
7) When she tries to copy who her cute-by-nature friends talk and act

and the list goes on from there..

So please ladies... Have some dignity... Give yourself a reality check!!! If your not cute stop trying to be.. You are only making a fool of yourself, which you already are.. So that makes you a BIGGER FOOL!!

Chocoholic Babe signing off @ Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Blueberry Cheesecake from coffeebean..can you say oolala..
Soft toys
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Nail art
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Smokers or the smell of smoke
PeoPLe WhO ALwaYZ tYPe LiKE tHIs
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Those who dont have the guts to face me, thus, talking behind my back
people who try to copy my way of speaking or dressing.. i am watching YOU!
Not fond of cats and dogs.. (long story)
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